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The Best Rice Cookers

No one can deny the healthy benefits of rice in one’s life. Practically, this is one of the most significant nutritive elements in the world. There are more varieties of it. The brown one is among top 3 best sources of nutrients out there. However, when it comes to preparing rice, most people stick to the classic method. They boil the rice for a while, then they clear the water. Rice swells and becomes soft enough to be chewed. It is also extremely tasty, especially when mixed with specific vegetables. From some points of view, rice may also be used in more luxury kitchens. While some chefs refer to it as risotto, that is only a rice recipe that sounds fancy.

Rice cookers have gained plenty of popularity over the past decade. They are not new at all. In fact, they have been used for decades in most Asian countries, where rice is a traditional food. Finding the best rice cooker implies finding a versatile, good looking and useful appliance. In addition to becoming a helpful adjutant in your cooking session, you will love the possibility to reduce the time in the kitchen. You can just prepare something else while the cooker takes care of your rice or you can go watch TV. Feeling like having a coffee? Go out, since most cookers come specific auto shutoff features when the preparation is over. In other words, pay attention to your personal necessities, as well as the features coming with these appliances.

Discover our most significant recommendations

We have spotted the front runners in this industry, so here are our best recommendations. These are the rice cookers with the best rankings over the Internet, as well as the most cost efficient deals.

Tatung Stainless Steel Rice Cooker TAC-11KN

Is durable, good looking and can handle up to 11 cups of rice. It comes with plenty of materials too, as well as several features to cook more than just basic rice. The multifunction gadget is a primary option for plenty of buyers.


Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

Brings in the Japanese quality standards and “promises” to make your life better in kitchen. The fuzzy logic technology takes rice cookers to the next level. The stainless steel design ensures an amazing durability, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.



Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Is said to be a multifunction 7-in-1 rice cooker. You can clearly use it for more than just rice too. It can be programmed, so you are free to set it to start cooking a few hours before you return from work, only to enjoy a hot meal. It is energy efficient and good looking as well.



Breville BRC600XL Slow Rice Cooker and Steamer

Gives you the possibility to prepare authentic risotto without even having to stir. Nonstick pans add to your comfort, while the aluminum construction makes cleaning way easier.



Panasonic SR-DE103 “Fuzzy Logic” Rice Cooker

Comes with a micro computer that customizes the power according to the rice quality and quantity, only to ensure a consistent result. The pan is anodized for a better taste, while small functions make it extraordinarily convenient.



Why we suggest rice cookers over traditional boiling techniques

Most importantly, finding the best rice cooker is a matter of saving time. When boiling it in a traditional manner, you have to watch it every once in a while, make sure that there is still enough water in there, stir a little and so on. When you use a rice cooker, these things become history. Practically, you have to add the ingredients and do anything else meanwhile. You can go watch TV, take a bath, workout, go out for a coffee, go shopping and so on. Most units turn off automatically once the rice is cooked, so you can just show up whenever you feel hungry. Besides, some of them have a heating function, which keeps the rice warm for hours.

On a different note, a rice cooker is an appliance. Appliances are designed with one major purpose in mind – making your life easier. They are supposed to be convenient, easy to use, time saving and comfortable. Rice cookers do not cost a fortune either, so they make some excellent additions to your kitchen. The high convenience is underlined by the numerous capabilities too. Aside from rice, you can use the steaming function to steam any other types of foods too. Feeling like steaming some vegetables? Go for it. You can try out all kinds of foods and recipes that may not even involve rice. Education is the key, just like research is crucial when choosing the best rice cooker.

Let us help in the overwhelming venture of choosing a rice cooker

In eight out of ten cases, buyers have no clue what to expect from a rice cooker. They know that it can cook rice, but this is pretty much it. The truth is that rice goes further than that, while different people come with different necessities. Since they are not aware of all its functions, they end up identifying their necessities after they actually buy the appliance. With this idea in mind, the first rice cooker they buy is rarely able to raise to their expectations. They identify their needs later on, so they make more informed decisions overtime. However, the lack of research is usually the cause of such problems.

This is what we are here for. Our primary goal is to review the best rice cookers on the market and ensure that you have all the required details to make a wise selection. Not sure what to expect? Curious about some features? Interested in how specific functions actually work? Check out our reviews and you will be surprised. Furthermore, we have selected front running rice cookers only. We have looked for the best sellers and highest rated units in commerce. Therefore, chances is at least one of these units will be able to meet your demands overtime.

Discovering different types of rice cookers

There are more types of rice cookers, but they are also classified by several different criteria. A little research will open a lot of doors, so do your homework.

  • On and off cookers shutoff whenever the process is complete, without you having to press any buttons or keep an eye on them. They are not too expensive, yet they are very flexible. Sometimes, they are so basic that no lights indicate the cooking level. Instead, you just need to look for the switch position.
  • Cooking and warming units are more advanced. Once the rice is cooked, they make sure that they activate the arming function, which keeps your food warm over long periods of time. The duration varies from one rice cooker to another.  In order to shut such cookers off, you might need to unplug them.
  • Electronic cookers come with specific sensors. When looking for the best rice cooker, chances are it might be electronic. It can keep your rice warm for half a day or even more. They are more expensive than basic and simplistic units, but they are excellent if your family likes rice or you eat rice more times a day. They also come with a lot of innovative features. 

Identifying the most important factors in the best rice cooker

The best rice cooker is a concept that varies from one buyer to another. Knowing what to look for can help you choose the ideal appliance for your necessities.

  • Pans are crucial. They are supposed to be nonstick. The general idea is quite simple. You buy a rice cooker because you obviously do not want to waste a lot of time cooking. Therefore, you clearly do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning the pan either.
  • Lids are just as important. They are not always included. Basic rice cookers come with metallic lids. A glass one might be better. If such an extra accessory is not too expensive, you should get it.
  • Steamer trays are some of the elements that can make your life easier. You can steam rice to keep it warm, but you can just as well steam vegetables and start cooking the healthiest meals ever. Different models come with different steaming trays though.
  • Cycles are not to be ignored either. There are usually more types of cycles coming with high end cookers, whether you want a quick cooking recipe or you just need some basic steaming. 


In the end, it is easy to realize that we have picked rice cookers from a few different categories, yet we have only focused on the front runners and most reviewed products. These products do sell, only if you count the number of reviews. When they also have positive rankings, chances are you cannot go wrong with one of these solutions. But at the same time, the best rice cooker also depends on your personal tastes, necessities and expectations.